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Your Child's First Day

With a homely atmosphere of happiness, parents are assured that their child will be cared for by our experienced nursery practitioners. For parents, we understand how the first day can be an emotional time but management and our practitioners will ensure that this a smooth and positive time both for you and your child.

To assist we have devised a list of helpful advice.

  1. When you feel confident enough to leave your child, make sure that you say goodbye and try not to sneak off when you think they are not looking.
  2. You are welcome to wait in the hallway if you do not feel ready to leave the building. However, we ask that you do not rush back if you hear them crying. If your child is distressed, we will come to you.
  3. When you leave, your child’s key worker will advise on what time to come back. This may be an hour, or if your child is happy it will be longer.
  4. Please call the nursery on 0208 960 2500 once you have left if you would like an update on your child.
  5. Please communicate with your child’s key worker or Nursery Manager/Deputy; they will happily ease your concerns or make suggestions if you are uncertain of anything.
  6. If English is an additional language for your child, please write some familiar words in his/her language, to give to the key worker.
  7. If your child is inconsolable, we will telephone you and ask you to collect your child and come back for the next session.


Items Your Child will Require

Please put all items in a small drawstring bag (no plastic bags)

  • Change of clothes
  • A packet of nappies (if required)
  • Wipes (if required)
  • Cream (if required)

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