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Little Rosie's produces well balanced and nutritious meals, with the emphasis centred on healthy eating. The nursery’s responsibility is to be mindful of special dietary requirements, religious and cultural requests, vegetarians and to ensure that medical requirements are adhered to. 


Snack and Tea Time

During snack time the children are given a wide range of fruit and vegetables with chorganic cows milk or water. Please let the nursery manager/deputy know if you do not wish your child to be given milk. Please see our tea menu on our parent notice board. 


Due to the number of children who suffer from allergies, nuts and peanut butter are not allowed in the nursery and should not be used under any circumstances. Food must not be brought into the nursery unless it is topic related or for a birthday.


Packed Lunches

For some lunches and nursery trips, we will ask parents to provide a packed lunch. We feel this adds to the sense of adventure for the children and is an opportunity to talk about healthy eating. All packed lunches must be nut-free. Please provide a nutritious packed lunch.


For more information on nutrition and the importance of health eating, visit the NHS Change 4 Life