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Zebedee's Catering Company

At Little Rosie's, our lunch menus are rotated on a 3-week basis. Snack and Tea are prepared by the staff at the Nursery and the delicious lunches are catered by Zebedees.


'Zebedees are the UK's leading nursery catering company.  At Zebedees we are lovers of good food! We cook and deliver fresh, delicious meals that provide children with a varied and tasty diet to fuel a busy day of play, learning, and development'.


At Little Rosie's we:

  • Provide a balanced lunch, tea and daily snacks which include a platter of fruit. The children are given the choice of having milk or water to drink.
  • Follow the children’s dietary needs. These are recorded and put up on the notice board so they are visible for the staff to see.
  • Ensure all children wash their hands before meals and snacks
  • Staff prompt children in exhibiting good manners at the table, encouraging them to say “please” and “thank you”.
  • Encourage the children to make their own choices by serving up their own lunch, feeding themselves and pouring their own drinks.
  • Encourage children to be social with their friends at the table.
  • Encourage children try new food textures and tastes.
  • Take portion sizes into account regarding each individual child’s needs.
  • Provide access to fresh drinking water for all of the children throughout the course of the day.


Please note that Zebedee's lunch provision is only applicable to Private Paying sessions and those who have opted-in to our Consumables Fee scheme. For more information, please see our Additional Charges 



Please see our menus below along with the breakdown of all the ingredients in the lunches provided by Zebedees:

Tea Menu:

Please find below our Summer 2024 Tea menu:


Due to the number of children who suffer from allergies, nuts and peanut butter are not allowed in the nursery and should not be used under any circumstances. Food must not be brought into the nursery unless it is topic related or for a birthday.



Packed Lunches and Snacks from Home

All packed lunches and snacks from home must be healthy, nutritious and nut-free.



For more information on nutrition and the importance of health eating, visit the NHS Change 4 Life