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Little Rosie's Nursery School

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Parent Information

Family Password

On your Registration Form we ask that you supply us with a family password. This is to be used in instances when you (Nanny/Grandparents etc) are calling the nursery to discuss your child or to find out information regarding school events and trips. The same password is to be used when new people collect your child from the nursery.


Online Diary

Parents are encouraged to write about their child's weekend adventures (however small), holiday dates, illnesses and any other information that you feel is relevant in this care diary. The diary contains weekly information on your child's development and activities at Little Rosie’s. 


Parents Evening

Parents are invited to attend a Parents Evening which is held at the end of the academic year (July). This gives you the opportunity to meet with your child's key person and to talk about their progress, learning and development.


Termly Reports

Reports are sent out in the Summer Term and will detail your child's learning and development throughout the term, as well as their next steps. If schools request a report, this can be organised by sending an email to


Two Year Old Progress Checks

Progress checks will be given to parents when their child is between 2 and 2.5 years old. Many health visitors will ask to see these reports. Please refer to Development Matters 2021 should you require further information.