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Partnership with Parents

We value parent communication highly and believe it is essential for the children’s well-being and development. We recognise the importance of this relationship in ensuring that your child thrives, both emotionally and academically, whilst at nursery. 

We aim to work together towards the common goal of providing your child with the best possible care. 


Our friendly team will build a strong relationship with you so that we can better care for your child at nursery. We will always tell you about your child's day and keep you updated with how they are progressing.


We are always interested to hear about anything your child has done at home and we will use this to design activities based around them and their needs.


Our experienced team are always happy to discuss any issues that you might be having with your child at home.


Your Child's Key Person


Within the nursery, your main point of contact will be your child's key person. They will get to know what makes your child unique - understanding their interests, strengths and weaknesses. They will track your child's progress in nursery and plan activities based around them.

The key person will also be supported by a buddy - this is another member of staff within the room who is able to step in for the key person if they are away. This means that there is always someone on hand who knows about your child's development.


We provide updates on your child’s daily care diary, learning and development using Tapestry Online Learning Journal. This may include information regarding their care and well-being, including food consumed, sleep times and nappy changes. Accessed on your phone, tablet or computer, you will have your own secure login to access updates about your child. Your secure account is password protected and you have control over who can access the information.


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Face-to-Face Meetings

Face-to-face meetings are also essential, and we hold yearly Parents’ Evenings at the end of the academic year in July, where parents can chat with their child’s key person to review development and plan their child’s next steps together jointly.


We’re always happy to have a quick conversation at pick up and drop off, but as our focus needs to be on the children, we may not be able to have a long conversation right then. In that case, it’s best to arrange a meeting either with your child’s key person or room leader, or with the nursery manager.

When we arrange a meeting in advance, it means we can ensure there’s a quiet space available to talk and that we have enough staff so that we can give you our full attention. Just get in touch if you’d like to talk.

Family Events and Celebrations


We have a number of events and celebrations that take place throughout the academic year at Little Rosie's:

- World Book Day

- Mother's Day Brunch

- School Photos

- Sports Day

- End of Term Parties

- Christmas Nativity Play


And many more!



Families are sent a monthly newsletter with information on what their child will be learning about this month, upcoming dates and events, WOW moments of the month and home learning ideas