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We make sure that children are safe, happy and inspired in our nursery. This focus extends to you too. From the very start of your story with us you’ll be part of the Little Rosie's family, and just before your child begins their early years learning, we’ll invite them to a one-hour settling-in session.


Parents may also feel anxious, so we offer support and guidance throughout the settling-in process. We encourage parents to ask questions and share any concerns they may have.


As they progress throughout our nursery, your child will have their very own key person and key team throughout every chapter of their story with us. They will meet your child’s individual needs and work with you to ensure your child adapts well to new stages of nursery, whether that’s settling in when they first start or preparing them to leave for school.


We know your child is ready to take that promising first step and begin their story with us when our nursery, team members and your child’s key person become familiar to them, and they start to engage with other children in activities.